Coco for the Soul

Let Coco rattle your bones with a great family show presented in one fine tune! Image credit: Strandwood PTA

Coco is a movie about a young boy with big dreams to become an accomplished musician. For the longest time, Miguel has been keen to prove his talent to the world. However, his family disapproves of his dreams. In his haste to join a talent competition and show everyone what he’s made of once and for all, Miguel steals a guitar from a dead performer by the name of Ernesto de la Cruz. This act of his banishes him into the Land of the Dead.

Miguel soon finds himself face-to-face with many of his dead relatives, and together, they go on an epic adventure to return Miguel back to the Land of the Living before sunrise.

Miguel has to get his family’s blessings to return to the Land of the Living. Image credit: Pixar

Coco is clearly a story that proves family values run way deeper than blood. Our family’s past, present, and future lies within our bones. Do you know how many bones there are in a human body? A newborn has 300 bones in his body, whereas the average adult body has 206 bones. Why is that? Well, what happens is that as we develop through the years, some of our smaller bones fuse together to become big bones. Which is why there are a few less bones in our bodies by the time we are fully grown. Exactly how many bones will we have less of? Let’s see! To get that answer, we have to subtract the total of adult bones from the total of infant bones:

300 – 206 = 94

In total, an adult body will have 94 bones less than a newborn’s body! It’s incredible how the human body works and develops through the many stages of growth. Now that we know how many bones are in an adult’s body, do you want to try and figure out how many bones make up Miguel’s dead relatives in the Land of the Dead? First, we have to make a list of how many relatives he meets.

The family resemblance is uncanny! Image credit:

There’s Hector, Mama Imelda, Papa Julio, Tío Oscar, Tío Felipe, Tía Victoria, and finally, Tía Rosita. That gives us a total of 7 dead relatives. We know that all Miguel’s dead relatives are adults, which means each of them has 300 bones that make up their skeletal frame.

To get the total amount of bones between them all, we need to multiply the total of bones with the amount of relatives:

300 x 7 = 2100

Wow, that’s a whole lot of bones! Luckily for Miguel, he doesn’t have to add to the pile… just yet. He returns to the Land of the Living, and ensures that his long-lost family members will always be remembered through stories and music of the love and harmony that they brought to past generations, and many generations to come.

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