Of Babies and Multiplications

If you’ve ever questioned where you came from, the movie Storks may be the most heartwarming answer to that question yet. This is a tale about a stork delivery service called Cornerstore, and how the service came to the call of a lonely little boy called Nate. Tired of being the only kid in the […]

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Bearing the journey to London

What happens when a young Peruvian bear finds himself alone on at Paddington train station in central London? In short, many things. But that got the gears in our heads turning here at Zapzapmath. Barring the fact that no record exists of any bear sailing the North Atlantic Ocean (yet), and that it takes a […]

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Following the math trail home

Worksheets, questions on the board, and a pile of workbooks. Don’t mind me, I was just in the midst of recounting (ha ha!) my experience in learning math. Formally, at least. Outside the classroom, there were instances of grocery shopping, buying gum and memorizing the times tables with fridge magnets. There is no question that […]

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Screen Time vs Screen Quality: Mobile devices and your learners

Are you reading this on your smartphone or table? Given how much of daily life is centered around the mobile device, it’s no surprise that mobile device usage is a practice being acquired earlier and earlier in life. Like a double-edged sword, mobile devices can be both avenues of learning and efficiency, and also distraction. […]

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Setting goals: Be SMART

Hello. Now that the festivities and fireworks of the new year are done, here comes the scary question: What’s next? It’s only 5 days into 2018, but if you dread seeing yourself being between the estimated 42%-92% that don’t meet their New Year’s resolutions, hang in there. Here’s what we were talking about previously, to […]

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