Why Being Good At Math Matters Big-Time In Real Life

For many students studying math, the question, “Why should I learn this?” and “What is math good for?” often pops up. If you’re a teacher or parent reading this—it’s absolutely essential to know the right answers to this, beyond the usual: “Ace math and you ace life!” or, “Score 80+ on your next test and […]

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5 Top Brain-Boosting Tips and Exercises for Kids You Should Know About

As parents, it is completely natural to want our kids to be mini geniuses as soon as they learn to walk, but of course that requires some nurturing. Thankfully, considerable research has been done on the topic, and there are many ways parents can encourage brain-boosting at home. With that in mind, here are 5 […]

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Upgrading to iOS 10? Here’s The ‘Zap of Life’ Your Messages Need!

In keeping with the times (particularly, the recent excitement surrounding the iOS 10 release), we’re thrilled to bring you our super adorable tribe of Zap Zap Mathlings, now available for download in the App Store for iMessage. These days, messages call for more than just words — they call for emotive visuals. Our lively lil’ mathlings are […]

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What Is Your Child’s Personality Type? Find Out Here!

Everyone receives and processes information differently and there have been extensive studies done over the years to try and identify the various ways people learn. These are often based on their personalities and other factors. Understanding someone’s personality type can give an insight into their preferred learning style. Using the MBTI personalities as a guideline, […]

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Education Technology Must-Haves for Geeky Teachers & Mamas

Hands up if you’re a digital savvy parent or teacher who never steps out of your house without your trusty iPad or Kindle! Fess up, there’s a big geeky kid in most of us—and nothing like the creative distraction of Instagram photo filters, Pinterest boards, word games, and once upon a time B.P. (Before Pokemon)—Sugar […]

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