HOT Question: Are Kids Taught Higher Order Thinking At School?

We’ve examined how education has evolved in several posts, with technology becoming an integral asset to the industry at this point in time. Along the way, the approach to learning has expanded to include more than merely knowing a concept. Bloom’s Taxonomy focuses on this as well but also includes additional skills which are understood […]

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Version 2 of Zapzapmath is Out Now!

We’re very pleased to announce a new frontier in our math app journey, with the launch of Zapzapmath Version 2! Since our initial launch in 2015, we’ve gathered lots of feedback from our pioneer users and sought to improve the app to facilitate your various needs, both as learners and educators respectively. We are very […]

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How Data and Performance Analytics Can Transform Education

Can the inclusion of performance analytics in schools help teachers and parents to identify problem areas and tackle them early? Or is it just another fad perpetuated by the advent of digital media technologies? For us at Team Zap Zap, we feel that performance analytics can be very useful in determining the success of a […]

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STEM vs STEAM: Putting “Art” Back In Education

Two distinct schools of thought have emerged of late, the great debate of STEM vs STEAM education. Proponents of both still engage in discourse on why their method is more effective, and so we have decided to take a look into STEM and STEAM to see what each is about, and how they can help […]

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