Zapzapmath: Zapped by Math Madness Since 2015

Of Math and Madness We are extremely humbled to announce that Zapzapmath was recently featured on Apple’s School Toolkit feature, under the “Math Madness” section. Check it out on the iTunes play store, if you haven’t already, and while you’re at it, give Zapzapmath a shot! Hearing the term “madness” being used in conjunction with […]

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10 Educational Video Resources Teachers Must Bookmark!

Following our last blog post on podcasts, we thought it would be just as important to highlight content of the visual kind — educational videos! Besides being an excellent resource for teachers to use in the classroom, parents can also browse through these resources to find inspirational ways to learn at home and encourage their […]

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Say Goodbye To Fake Apps & Hello to Real Math Practice!

Apps are the future, and they are undoubtedly taking the world by storm. As consumers of these dynamic gems of content that are so easily available to us, it can get pretty exciting whenever a new app comes out. The stats don’t lie, Americans daily time on their mobile devices has increased 575% percent in […]

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10 Podcasts in Education All Teachers Should Subscribe To!

In the fast paced world we live in, it is natural for us to rely on many forms of media to enhance our knowledge on certain topics. Podcasts are definitely a fantastic way to catch up on what’s going on in the educational sphere, particularly for busy teachers who may find themselves having to multi-task […]

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Personalized Learning: The Future of Education

“Personalized Learning” is a term that is making headlines lately, both on social media and within education circles. Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is getting in on the trend, by investing a whopping US$45 billion into an initiative that is focused on prioritizing personalized learning, among other charitable pursuits. But what is personalized learning, exactly, […]

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