Confidence Counts – Helpful Tips to Create a Love of Math

It’s possible that we’ve all been there at some point, struggling over a math problem. As parents, the roles reverse and we have to be able to support our kids as they navigate their way through a sea of homework and math questions. What truly matters though, is how we as parents, educators and mentors […]

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Games and Learning: How Plugging In Can Be a Good Thing

This week, we at Team Zap Zap are pleased to have a contribution from our very first guest blogger! For our first guest post, Tiffany Banuelos, founder of the Organic Parenthood blog shares her thoughts on how parenting has evolved to keep up with the digital era. Being a mom of two home-schooled kids, she […]

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Teaching Hacks: Why Games Matter In The Classroom

Here at Team Zap Zap, we’re a little biased towards games, so whenever we come across cool ways to learn math in a fun and relaxed way, we are totally on board. This time around, we thought we’d focus on the unsung heroes of the world – teachers, by highlighting how games (online AND offline) […]

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Why We Built Our Math App To Be Aligned With Common Core Standards

So, your kid just came to you with a math problem from school and…you’re stumped. It happens. Let’s face it, the way we learned math was a little different. Back in the day, we were just expected to come up with an answer to a math problem without really analyzing the question or why the […]

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