The world’s only gamified math ecosystem is now on the web!

Are you a Chromebook user? Are you playing Zapzapmath on a personal computer? Or maybe it’s just not as fun playing Zapzapmath on multiplayer with only one device?

Whatever your predicament, worry no more! Zapzapmath is now available on the World Wide Web!

Interesting. What does that mean?

If you’re playing Zapzapmath at school and you have a computer lab full of Chromebooks or PCs, enjoying Zapzapmath is as simple as logging on to on your browser and clicking Play Now.

Playing at home? All those times of being unable to challenge your sibling to a round of Zapzapmath on multiplayer because you only have one mobile device are over! With one (or both) of you on your computers, play away with no worries about battery life!

Not bad at all. How do I play?

Simply type in your browser, click Play Now, and log in with your username and password as you do in the app!

Zapzapmath for Web_Play Now


Alternatively, visit the Zapzapmath website and click on the Play Online button in the top right corner.

ZZMdotCom_Play Online


What’s in there?

We’re glad you asked! We’ve got a range of brand new features now available by popular demand, for your enjoyment. Don’t take our word for it, check them out!

More Planets Added!

New games

Our math universe just got bigger! Mathling explorers have discovered a collection of uncharted planets yet unseen by Mathlingkind, containing games that extend to new math topics.


Plot Your Spaceship’s Course

New system menu

Looking for a new game? Want to see which topic your favorite game covers? Do you use Zapzapmath in school and want to join your teacher’s class?

The improved system menu is your go-to source to navigate the Zapzapmath universe. Simply select More Features to get there!


Learn and Score

New scoring algorithm See your progress in the Zapzapmath games better with the new scoring algorithm! The algorithm doesn’t just tell you which skill you’ve covered, your points and bonuses, it also adapts to your skill level, making learning a breeze.


Before and After Getting Zapped


Learning is nothing without growth. And here at Zapzapmath, we want to help you measure it. That’s why you can now gauge your performance in each skill area with the pretest and the post test. Select the pretest when prompted to see where you stand in that topic before beginning the games.


Who’s the best math player of all?

Multiplayer 2

Zapzapmath in multiplayer can help you settle that score, once and for all! (Saw what we did there?) Play a round of Zap-a-mole together and chart your scores on a leaderboard with players from all around the world! Select Try Multiplayer and show the universe what you’ve got!

Reports of excited Mathlings in the Mathling universe have increased since these discoveries.

“I’m excited to welcome visitors to the extended territories of the Zapzapmath gamified math ecosystem. For visitors who need any help as they travel through the planets, I’m honored to provide my personal guidance!”

– Einstein Mathling.

2017-11-30 11.12.18

(He’s not kidding. Select the Einstein Mathling icon to the right of your screen for in-game tutorials.)

So there you have it, folks! Zapzapmath’s latest range of features await you. If you haven’t got Zapzapmath yet, hit those buttons below! Go forth with care, math explorers! And we’ll see you on the other side.


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