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Zap Zap Math is a game-based education platform which combines the intrinsic game elements with limitless quality content to create an environment where kids will learn and practise math without being aware of it. The Game industry is a very big industry by itself and other industries are leveraging on games to drive traffic (users) to their website/product for brand awareness purposes or user acquisition purposes.

Based on an article by, South East Asia is the world’s fastest growing games market. When you talk about the game industry in Asian market, it’s generally easy to pinpoint Japan, Korea or the already vast and rapidly burgeoning China as the leading pack. However, a new report from research firm, Newzoo, has indicated that, not only are there countries where gaming is growing more quickly, these territories could also prove to be more profitable.


According to Newzoo, among SEA country, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia make up 99% of the billion dollar revenue generated by Southeast Asian gaming in 2014.


This is attributed to the rapid modernisation of SEA and the growing number of Internet users in the region. The lack of infrastructure to provide extensive, stable, wired internet, users are leapfrogging directly to mobile internet. However, Newzoo’s figures paint a picture in which the region’s growth far outstrips other areas in a similar position, partly thanks to an increase in local GDP.


In addition to the encouraging economic and infrastructural conditions, SEA also shares some common cultural ground with the West. For instance, there is a relatively high rate of English (up to 80% in Singapore and 57% in Philippines) in the region, as well as a shared taste in social media. Each of the region’s six big countries shows extremely high rates of Facebook usage, alongside Twitter and Instagram, making targeted marketing and user acquisition much more straight forward.

These findings will definitely influence the startup and mobile game development in the coming years. Exciting times are ahead!

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