Young Libby Plays Zapzapmath And Tells Us What She Thinks!


(Pictured: Libby playing Zapzapmath. Image used with permission)

Kids are our number one product testers and expert advisers in our mission to build effective math games for young learners from ages K to primary 6. Their ideas, behaviors and feedback fully inform our product’s technology development! And it’s why we’re constantly talking to students in our community to see how they are responding to Zapzapmath, and whether it’s really helping them improve in their math skills.

Recently, we chatted with Libby, a 3rd grader from Fairmount Elementary School and a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan, and her mom about their experiences with our games. Libby’s parents, who are both teachers, are always on the lookout for fun educational games for their three kids and have downloaded Zapzapmath for their kids. Let’s hear their candid reviews of the app, first hand:

Team Zap Zap: Libby, when your mom introduced you to the game, what were you thinking?

Libby: Wow, this is fun because it’s not like any math game I have ever played. I’ve played some really fun math games but this is totally different. For example, I’ve never had math games that let you build a burger or connect honey hives.

Team Zap Zap: Libby, do you think playing the games has given you more confidence in school?

Libby: Yes! The fractions part is getting me ahead, which may really help me out in 4th grade. (Right now we don’t do adding fractions.) The games have helped me with multiplication, and to know things by heart. In school, I can figure things out quickly and get 100%.

Team Zap Zap: How often do you play the game, and what device do you play it on?

Libby: I play it on my iPad. I used to play it every day after I got home from school. But I had to put Zap Zap Math aside because of all the book reports and the stress, and then once those were done I got to get back on. This summer, we’re going on a lot of long road trips (an 8 hour trip and another 4 hour one). I’ll be playing a lot of Zapzapmath. It’s fun.

Team Zap Zap: Mom, what’s your philosophy with learning technology and games like this? How does it help you as a parent to help and support your kids?

Libby’s Mom: I’m a teacher so as many different ways as I can get kids to hear and experience what they need to know, that’s good. I think it’s kind of like if you hear it from your teacher, and then a parent, they’ve heard different ways to learn it. And that sometimes can be frustrating but it can be very helpful also. To know how to do something in different ways. So all these apps and different things that we encourage her to do are really helpful. As opposed to just one person’s way of doing it.

Team Zap Zap: What are the top benefits of the game for you or value it provides you?

Libby’s Mom: My child likes learning, it’s fun for her. It’s different than bringing home a worksheet that says, memorize this multiplication table. She likes doing things and she is learning while having fun. I am a big believer in disguising the learning as fun. Once kids view something as boring they start to tune out, so when you can disguise it as something they want do they’re more open to learning. I’ll ask Libby every once in awhile, when she’s home from school and I’m not home yet, I’ll text her and say, “Hey, do some Zapzapmath,” but most of the time she’s already on the game. She does not have to get told to do it, she likes it.

Team Zap Zap: Libby, what do you think would make Zapzapmath better? What would you like to see in the future?

Libby: You should have a division game with dogs! Where you have all these dog toys and you divide them equally with dogs.

Check out more of Libby and her mom’s testimony below!


And there you have it, out of the mouth of babes, as they say. There is nothing quite as refreshing as a child’s honesty, and we’re glad to have heard a review from someone who play Zapzapmath. If you want your child or student to check out Zapzapmath, go to our website and download a copy, then you can head on over here and sign up for the Teacher/Parent Web Dashboard.

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