Wrapping Up the Year with Some Mathematical Cheer!


It’s that time when we count our blessings and take stock of all that has happened in the past twelve months, while simultaneously gearing ourselves for a new year ahead. Yes, the holiday season is finally upon us, and though Santa’s elves seem to be missing in action, we at Zap Zap Math have found just the thing to help speed up your Christmas chores. All it takes is a little mathematics magic, of course!

Watch below to see mathematician Katie Steckles provide several simple, fun and clever ways to wrap your Christmas presents – of all shapes and sizes. It just goes to show that math is so pervasive in our lives, and can be used not only to simplify our daily tasks, but also to conserve the environment. Think about it, the more accurate our estimation of wrapping paper required to wrap each gift, the less time and paper will be used. That sounds like a win-win situation if there ever was one!

Will you be using Katie’s mathematical techniques to speed up your Christmas wrapping after watching this video? Let us know in the comments! Once that’s done, you could even get your kids to participate in other fun math activities, like playing Zap Zap Math!
Until next time, that’s a wrap! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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