Upgrading to iOS 10? Here’s The ‘Zap of Life’ Your Messages Need!


In keeping with the times (particularly, the recent excitement surrounding the iOS 10 release), we’re thrilled to bring you our super adorable tribe of Zap Zap Mathlings, now available for download in the App Store for iMessage. These days, messages call for more than just words — they call for emotive visuals.

Our lively lil’ mathlings are a big part of our visually-interactive gamified math universe, armed with the critical mission of teaching kids how to boost their mathematical problem-solving and logical reasoning skills in creative, colorful, cute ways! Children simply love them, and now big kids can appreciate them too…



Now how can you NOT want these cutie-pies in your life, like right now?!

To start zapping life into your iMessages, install our zany sticker pack. Click on this DOWNLOAD ZAP ZAP MATH STICKERS link. Access it easily in your iMessages app drawer. Then simply tap to include them in your expressive chat bubbles, liven conversations, and make loved ones go “aaawwww!”, any moment of the day!Apple brought significant updates to iMessage in iOS 10, its very own built-in instant messaging service, including bubble and screen effects, emoji tap backs and full-on emojification, Digital Touch and handwriting. We’re loving how Zap Zap Math comes to life on iMessages, and hoping you do too. For tips on how to make the most of iMessage, read iMessage: The Ultimate Guide on imore.com.

Here in the creative bowels of our Zap Zap Math mothership, we’re always devising new ways to make math more fun and engaging for kids. It’s our unflagging mission to help instill love and help build self-efficacy for math among elementary school kids (K-6). Making our mathlings available on iMessages is just an extension of our mission to spread the joy of math far and wide, into, hopefully, all dimensions of life!

By the way, do you like our tagline? Zap Life Into Your Messages.

Math-loving geeks that we are, we were incredibly inspired by Star Wars’: Send iMessages With The Force; not to mention Disney’s: Add Magic To Your Messages.

Personalization is key! So start expressing yourself by installing Zap Zap Math stickers on the new App Store for iMessage. Click on this underlined DOWNLOAD ZAP ZAP MATH STICKERS link.

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