Time to Zap Away the Math Problems!

Image Credit: mathequalslove.blogspot.my

Image Credit: mathequalslove.blogspot.my

Recently, Team Zap Zap stumbled across an app that’s been making waves in the market. In the colorful, character-filled world of children’s educational apps, new creations are frequently introduced in hopes of encouraging kids to utilize their screen time for more scholastic pursuits. One such invention, aptly called called Lock2Learn, promises to ease parent’s worries by locking kids out of smartphones, tablets or PCs until they solve math problems.

Cool and innovative, it might be, in times like these when kids are spending more time stuck on their devices and picking up new tricks faster that their parents do — like how to decode smartphone lock passwords! For many parents, it’s a growing problem, having to supervise their kids’ screen time when there are more mobile devices now than there are TVs and playrooms in most urban households. But here at Zapzapmath, we want to take the “problem” out of the equation.

The way we see it, playtime and learning can most certainly coincide with the help of Zapzapmath! So your kids get to use their devices and learn as they play, and you will get to track their math development while they’re at it. Best of both worlds, don’t you think? We recognize that understanding math can be challenging as it is for some kids, so we really wanted to create a safe online environment for them to be able to grow and learn, all with an element of entertainment, of course.

Zapzapmath offers a world of fun, so if you are eager to have your kids give mathematical game-play a try for a change, be sure to check out our website and download a free copy of Zapzapmath, which is available for play on Android and iOs devices, including smartphones and tablets. Just click on the specific iOS App Store or Google Play buttons shown on our website landing page to get started!

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