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The Trolls movie is an explosion of upbeat fun that spread throughout the film.

The Trolls movie is an explosion of upbeat fun that spreads throughout the film.

The Trolls movie is an explosion of upbeat fun that spreads throughout the film. There’s a lot to be said about the charming little characters that have won the hearts of many. They sing, they hug, they dance, they hug. Every day’s a sunshiney day when miserable Bergens aren’t around to eat them like a bag of Skittles. But the most uplifting thing about them is their hair, rainbow-colored and bursting with personality!

trolls hair

The trolls’ mystical coiffures rise above expectations, making waves with shape-shifting powers. They use their luscious locks to soar through the sky, grab fellow trolls away from hairy situations, and most impressively, lift weights like a pro.

trolls the movie 2

Though we can’t perform the same gravity defying feats, it does lead us to wonder: How much weight can human hair hold? According to Dr. Frédéric Leroy, a physics researcher of L’Oreal Paris, a single strand of human hair could support 100grams in weight, the same weight of a travel-sized shampoo bottle. An entire head of human hair (about 150,000 strands) is strong enough to support 12 tonnes, he estimates. That’s equivalent to two full-grown elephants! In fact, he continues by saying that human hair can actually protect against bullets and arrows! “It is this structure which gives hair its exceptional, even unique properties,” he explains.

Now that we’ve gathered all this mind-blowing information in our well-protected heads, let’s have a little mathematical fun with it. If a single strand of hair could support 100grams, how many strands would it take to hold a set of barbells that weighs 10kilograms like the one being lifted by the troll in the movie?

First, let’s convert the kilograms into grams:

kg to g conversion copy

To convert, imagine you have a decimel point at the back of your number. Shift that point 3 spaces back, and you have your answer. The amount of spaces is always 3 for a conversion from kilogram to gram. If 1kg is 1000g, then 10kg after conversion would be 10,000g. But we’re only halfway there!

Now we’ll have to formulate an equation that will give us the result. To find out how many strands it would take to hold 10,000g, divide the amount of a single strand with the total weight:

hair weight division

The answer is 100, just a handful of hair! Though this means our hair is pretty much a superhero on its own, do steer clear of weights. Instead, love your locks with regular shampooing and a good, clean brush!

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