The importance of Game Design Document

Every game developer knows that a GDD is very crucial in game development. It is the best way to manage the development process. Besides this, it is a core subject when studying game design.

If you are a solo developer who uses open source software and you have plenty of time, a GDD is less important because you already know what you want to make, so you can just go ahead and make it. You don’t have the responsibility of making sure the rest of your team understands your idea, because the only person on your team is you. If the development process messes up, you are the only one to blame. But if it come to a game development team, a thorough and readable document is important. It will let the team to see the awesome ideas all night long and also make the life easier as it can prevent budget crisis and hellish overnight production.

Before the production of the game start, the concept and the design must be planned out well. The concept can be act as goal of you plan so that the development team does not lose sight and went off track. The design process requires designer to discuss with the artist and programmer so that the efficient task is chosen and carry out. A good game design allows the team to have the same vision of the plan and everyone is planning to make the same thing.

How Is A Game Design Document Different?

Unlike film production document, GDD is a live document where it can change from time to time to adapt to different situation. Since the technology is growing very fast, It is unsure that when is the current scripting language going to die off or when is the time to adapt to new technology and software. A good game designer is able to predict the unpredictable. Therefore, he or she must be able to make room for GDD to adapt those changes and also stick every development team to the main goal.

In a nutshell, the GDD is to ensure the safety journey of the development process. If you are interested in how to build an effective GDD, our Visual Math Studio is currently available for game designer interns and also looking for talented designers.


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