Team Zapzapmath’s Resolutions & Hopes for 2016!


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Team Zap Zap is raring to go for 2016, and we’ve taken some time to think about what we hope to achieve this year. Below you’ll see the interesting things Team Zap Zap had to say when asked what about resolutions are for the year, whether personally or professionally.

  • Zap Zap Math’s founder Wei Chong, gets the ball rolling with his hopes and resolutions. His resolution is to lead Visual Math (Zap Zap’s parent company) “to be a world class company with the love to improve math worldwide.”
  • Co-founder Ming, on the other hand, has similar views related to building the organization, and aims to “help the team double up in production, by improving processes & workflows, removing roadblocks & improving communication.”
  • Yee Neng has the very practical resolution of getting lots of sleep, and eating lots of delicious food! Now who can argue with that. She also hopes that the year will be peaceful and without worries.

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  • Fan hopes to improve on art drawings.
  • Mohanad adds on to the artistic pursuits, as he hopes to play guitar fluently. He also wants to make Zap Zap Math as lovely as possible, and hope it becomes the best educational platform ever invented.
  • Issa is kickstarting 2016 with a battle in mind, specifically a duel with Alvin, which he intends to continue with Scott and Ming. There’s never a dull moment with Team Zap Zap, clearly. Issa would also like to help Zapzapmath become more popular, and become a national anthem for East African kids.

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  • Alvin, in retort, would like to ensure that Issa’s resolution does not become a reality. Alvin would also like to be an awesome UI/UX designer.
  • James wants to understand what fun means to the current generation.
  • Scott has every intention to write better code in a shorter amount of time.

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  • Jeremy would like to broaden his knowledge and level up his skills to contribute to society.
  • Daniel aspires to get a Playstation 4 before the middle of this year.
  • Dante hopes to “be the very best that no one ever was”. Hmmm, where have we heard that before? Perhaps the 90s kids will remember it from Pokemon! He also resolves to inspire as many people as he can. (2)

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As you can see, Team Zap Zap is full of big dreamers and doers – which makes for a wonderful crew! Here’s to achieving all those hopes and resolutions within this year.

When Team Zap Zap aren’t planning duels, we’re hard at work on the app, making sure you get the best experience! Show Zapzapmath some love on our website and download the app today!

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