Teachers, Get Kids To Tap, Tap Away The Summer On Zapzapmath!

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It’s summer vacation, and hey, even teachers deserve a break for all their hard work! Still, we all know that learning must be continuous for it to be effective, and that’s why we want to make sure teachers can still encourage students to learn over summer, so that when school resumes in the fall, everyone will be prepared for a new set of challenges.

We at Zapzapmath have been fortunate in that a lot of teachers have given us their feedback on how our app helps their students, and since it is May, we thought it would be nice to help out our favourite mentors with this handy tool of ours. Here are some ways Zapzapmath can help teachers to incorporate learning in a fun way.  Perhaps you could try it with your students over summer!

Zapping Into A Win-Win Situation

Recently, elementary school-teacher Cindy Bess shared her feedback on how Zap Zap has helped her students. She ultimately was intent on choosing an app that would appeal to kids and keep them motivated, yet is user friendly and varied in terms of content. As teachers work with many students whose prowess in the subject will be at different levels, Zapzapmath can be a great way for kids to build their skills independently, with minimal supervision needed, since the game offers mini tutorials before each games that will guide kids along. This way, the kids get to play comfortably on their own, and the teachers can be assured that they will not be fretful or lost trying to figure the game out.

While textbooks and workbooks may still conquer in the classroom, learning doesn’t have to stop over the summer, and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring either. Zapzapmath is a great way to ensure your kids stay sharp all year round. Summer especially, is a time of great concern for teachers, as it’s been proven that while kids are away from school, their knowledge may get a little rusty, giving teachers more challenges come fall.  So to avoid the much dreaded slump, this app may be just the magic trick needed. In fact, Zapzapmath has recently been tried and tested by the faculty of Concordia University Online Nebraska, so do check out their rave review here and see how it’s a helpful tool for teachers and students alike.

The Dynamic Dashboard

The addition of the dashboard is something that Cindy is excited to delve into so she can identify and help her students who may be struggling in some way. What’s cool about our dashboard is it allows teachers (and even parents) to be somewhat engaged and “present” in the learning process, without getting in the way, or adding an element of pressure. On it, teachers will be able to track the progress of any student to see if they are progressing or falling behind in certain areas, based on the games they play. For example, if you notice they need improvement in multiplications, you have noticed from the dashboard they haven’t played any games pertaining to the topic, you may be able to gently intervene and suggest a particular game to them, for their benefit.

The user-friendly database allows teachers to track their students relatively easily, and is highly visual as well, so information is presented simply and effectively. Reports mostly appear in the form of charts and graphs and these can also be downloaded for further analysis, if that’s something that’s important to the teacher or even the faculty, for statistical purposes. We truly hope teachers will find this extension to the app useful, and will be able to guide their students more effectively.

Leveling Up, The Cool Way!

The various levels in the game also ensure that learning is not stagnant at certain points of play, and kids can progress as they improve their skills. This is another factor that Cindy notes is important for her as a teacher, as all students needs will be catered to. In fact, the latest game update includes 4 skills for each math sub-topic, with 3 different games per skill, and 5 difficulty levels per game. We have plans to expand on this number too, with 300,000 math questions and monthly game releases. Think of the app as a one stop center for all your mathematical needs. Rather than cluttering your devices with many different types of apps, having one effective one should suffice.

Keeping On Track

Our game is also very much tied to the Common Core Standards, while emphasizing Higher Order Thinking Skills. As such, teachers can expect their students to be picking up skills in the game that are aligned to what they’re already learning in school. That way the summer break will keep them on their toes while they figure out their way around the app whilst also allowing them to still have fun and enjoy themselves, as kids should. Zapzapmath ticks off all the boxes in terms of catering to the needs of students as well as teachers, giving kids a game that’s fun yet educational, and ensuring teachers can supplement school-work with an enjoyable post-school activity.

These are just a few ways that Zapzapmath can help both students and teachers, and we hope you’ll consider giving it a try over the summer vacation this year. It’s just two easy steps. First, download a copy today via our website and then go here to sign up for the Teacher/Parent Web Dashboard!

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