Bringing the Good to Grief

Good grief, math is amazing!

If you’re a huge Peanuts fan, you’ll know that Charlie Brown is the epitome of a dreamer. He has strong passions and goals that he keeps chasing, even through the bad days and disappointments. This is most true when it comes to kite flying. Now, you may think that after all these years, he’d be good […]

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Building an Understanding of Area and Perimeter

Minecraft shows us that there's nothing square about learning maths!

You know that game that all yours friends have been talking about, the one that takes building out of the box? Not many of your friends will see this, but Minecraft isn’t just a fun game, it’s also a great mathematical game! There’s so much that you can learn from this gameplay, from spacial awareness, to […]

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An Educational App You Want Your Child To Get Hooked On!

ZZM - KID-small

If you’re a parent and you’re looking for an app that will encourage your kids to acquire some educational skills while on their electronic devices, you’ve landed on the right page. Beyond a beautifully visual and interactive math game app, Zap Zap Math is designed as a platform that you will be able to play […]

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A Year’s Roundup of Zapzapmath Highlights & Moving Forward.


Zap Zap Math has had a remarkable 2015, and we’re looking forward to an even better 2016, with great hopes for our humble app to be a great aid not only to students, but parents and teachers as well. Before we charge forward into this new year, we’d like to also take a look back […]

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Time to Zap Away the Math Problems!

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Recently, Team Zap Zap stumbled across an app that’s been making waves in the market. In the colorful, character-filled world of children’s educational apps, new creations are frequently introduced in hopes of encouraging kids to utilize their screen time for more scholastic pursuits. One such invention, aptly called called Lock2Learn, promises to ease parent’s worries […]

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