Going the Distance

Bolt is a dog that cuts right to the chase and fetches heart pumping adventures on a whim – at least on the movie set. When this superstar of a hit TV show is unintentionally shipped from Hollywood to New York City, he finds himself facing a real life challenge: a journey to get back […]

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Following the math trail home

Worksheets, questions on the board, and a pile of workbooks. Don’t mind me, I was just in the midst of recounting (ha ha!) my experience in learning math. Formally, at least. Outside the classroom, there were instances of grocery shopping, buying gum and memorizing the times tables with fridge magnets. There is no question that […]

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Being Mindful About Math

Math doesn’t end in class. Now we would probably have realized that at some point back when we were in school, and some kids may already have. But in general, how can we educators lead young learners today to think about math as not only another subject in school, but as second nature; i.e. part […]

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