The Benefits of Gamifying Your Classroom

The ability to make education fun is the hallmark of a great educator. Teaching is a critical skill, but getting your students interested in the first place is another struggle altogether. Enter Matthew Farber, author of Gamify Your Classroom. Dr. Farber is a seasoned middle-school and university educator, an Edutopia blogger, co-host of BAM Radio […]

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5 Top Brain-Boosting Tips and Exercises for Kids You Should Know About

As parents, it is completely natural to want our kids to be mini geniuses as soon as they learn to walk, but of course that requires some nurturing. Thankfully, considerable research has been done on the topic, and there are many ways parents can encourage brain-boosting at home. With that in mind, here are 5 […]

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Education Technology Must-Haves for Geeky Teachers & Mamas

Hands up if you’re a digital savvy parent or teacher who never steps out of your house without your trusty iPad or Kindle! Fess up, there’s a big geeky kid in most of us—and nothing like the creative distraction of Instagram photo filters, Pinterest boards, word games, and once upon a time B.P. (Before Pokemon)—Sugar […]

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Parents/Teachers Guide: Accessing The Web Dashboard

As we’ve detailed previously in our Beginner’s Guide, Zap Zap Math has taken our learning ecosystem to the next level by introducing the Web Dashboard. This has been created to aid parents and teachers, by helping them to keep an eye on their kids/students math progress. If you have already introduced your kids to Zap Zap […]

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