Back to the school year: teachers at the ready!

Seems familiar? We hope not. Credit: Clay Bennett/ Chattanooga Times Free Press

Greetings, teachers! August is here, which means it’s time for going back to school, panicking and mourning the end of summer. (Okay, maybe just miss it a little.) School is under a month away and it pays to know where to find ways to make the end of summer a little less stressful.  (You’re here. […]

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Awesome Back To School Resources for Elementary Teachers


Besides parents and students, teachers also have to prepare themselves for a new school year. With a new school year comes new lessons, and the need to find new ways to engage students. So elementary school teachers, here are a few awesome back-to-school tips and resources we found, just for you! Checklists The great thing […]

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Teacher’s Guide: Better Classroom Management For The New School Year


It’s back-to-school flurry again for teachers everywhere; procuring supplies, decorating class settings, mapping out lesson plans, the to-do list never ends! Most teachers take extra care to prep way ahead in order to foster a healthy learning space for students’ curious and active minds. Here are some great ideas to get your students all geared […]

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New Zap Zap Math Features For The New School Year!


  While children, parents, and teachers were on summer break in the US, we have been extremely busy preparing for the release of a new and improved Zap Zap Math. Brace yourselves as our updated Zap Zap Math ecosystem will unleash several changes for the greater benefit of students, teachers and parents, in the new school […]

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Alternative Math Improvement Methods You May Have Never Heard Of!


(Image Credit:  Here at Zap Zap Math, we are always on the lookout for cool ways to introduce math in a fun and stress-free way. There are many ways to improve math skills, and these don’t always involve books or equations, making them perfect to introduce to kids who may be finding the topic […]

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