The Emoji Movie: Factorial Fun in One

The Emoji Movie is an emotive journey towards self discovery that translates itself well within the realm of modern hierographs. With its brightly depicted coming-of-age sequencing and silly poop humor to boot, the one thing that is clearly portrayed over and over again is the movie’s love for patterns. From layouts and phone displays, to […]

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Figuring Out The Joy of Numbers

Arithmophobia – the irrational fear of numbers. Let’s face it: math can be a nightmare to teach, and learn. Most students panic at the sight of numbers; their fear overwhelms them and causes a resistance towards understanding the question in front of them. Decades ago, we were taught to memorise facts as opposed to understanding them. While […]

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5 Top Brain-Boosting Tips and Exercises for Kids You Should Know About

As parents, it is completely natural to want our kids to be mini geniuses as soon as they learn to walk, but of course that requires some nurturing. Thankfully, considerable research has been done on the topic, and there are many ways parents can encourage brain-boosting at home. With that in mind, here are 5 […]

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New Zapzapmath Features For The New School Year!

  While children, parents, and teachers were on summer break in the US, we have been extremely busy preparing for the release of a new and improved Zap Zap Math. Brace yourselves as our updated Zap Zap Math ecosystem will unleash several changes for the greater benefit of students, teachers and parents, in the new school […]

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Maximizing Mobile Learning For Homeschoolers

Once again, we are pleased to have another fantastic guest post, by TeachingJB. Here are her thoughts on how mobile learning is an asset to homeschoolers. Maximizing Mobile Learning For Homeschoolers   The number of homeschooled children is increasing. In the US, around 2.3 million students are homeschooled based on a study published earlier this […]

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