The Emoji Movie: Factorial Fun in One

The Emoji Movie is an emotive journey towards self discovery that translates itself well within the realm of modern hierographs. With its brightly depicted coming-of-age sequencing and silly poop humor to boot, the one thing that is clearly portrayed over and over again is the movie’s love for patterns. From layouts and phone displays, to […]

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Alternative Math Improvement Methods You May Have Never Heard Of!

(Image Credit:  Here at Zap Zap Math, we are always on the lookout for cool ways to introduce math in a fun and stress-free way. There are many ways to improve math skills, and these don’t always involve books or equations, making them perfect to introduce to kids who may be finding the topic […]

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Young Libby Plays Zapzapmath And Tells Us What She Thinks!

Kids are our number one product testers and expert advisers in our mission to build effective math games for young learners from ages K to primary 6. Their ideas, behaviors and feedback fully inform our product’s technology development! And it’s why we’re constantly talking to students in our community to see how they are responding to Zapzapmath, and […]

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Getting On-board Zapzapmath: Guide for Kids, Parents & Teachers

If you’re new to zapping away on our app, fret not. We’ve decided to develop a simple guide or “how to”, for the uninitiated. Please refer to this post if you are stumped at any point in playing Zapzapmath. Step 1 : Downloading First of all, head on to our website here to download a […]

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Six Cool Brain Boosting Activities For Your Kids!

“For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” These are the words famously uttered by the original super nanny, Mary Poppins, in the 1964 film of the same name, as she teaches the two kids she is caring for the importance of cleaning up their room through song and repetition. […]

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