9 for Mankind

In a war torn world where soulless termination by machines has befallen mankind, a group of small rag dolls called “Stitchpunks” emerge as humanity’s only hope for survival. These dolls, all crafted with a single digit written on their backs, are infused with the soul of the scientist that made them. Each of them embodies […]

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Putting the Pieces Together

Big Hero 6 isn’t a story about just one hero. Instead, it’s a story that’s built on many missing pieces coming together to save the world. Hiro is a young boy whose newfound dream is to join his older brother, Tadashi, in the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. In order to do so, he needs […]

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Why We Built Our Math App To Be Aligned With Common Core Standards

So, your kid just came to you with a math problem from school and…you’re stumped. It happens. Let’s face it, the way we learned math was a little different. Back in the day, we were just expected to come up with an answer to a math problem without really analyzing the question or why the […]

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