Singing Subtractions

Sing is a heartwarming movie about all creatures big and small coming together to form a perfect harmony.

Sing is a heartwarming movie about all creatures big and small coming together to form a perfect harmony.

Music has always been the universal language of harmony, and Sing is story about how music brings us together. Buster Moon is a koala on a mission to save his failing music theatre. He comes up with a singing competition that would allow amateur singers to compete for a coveted grand prize. Since he doesn’t have a lot of money to offer, Buster puts any cash he has remaining into a treasure chest, and fills the chest with an assortment of things that he figures amounts to $1000. Unbeknownst to him, his one-eyed secretary, Ms. Crawley, bumbles up the announcement flyers and types in $100,000 instead of $1000.

Imagine the fascinating voices of this odd crowd!

All the many hopefuls of the animal kingdom hoping to show off their voices. Now where’s that fox…?

Seeing such a huge reward being offered, hoards of animals show up to audition for the show. Not all make it through, but those who do quickly become friends. In the end, they work together to save Buster’s dying dream, and chase their own into reality.

While the contestants may have forgotten about the money, we couldn’t resist having a little fun with it. When Buster is preparing the prize, we see that he has a total of $935 in his savings. He adds a few miscellaneous items into the mix, totalling up the value of the prize to $1000.

So how much is the estimated value of the miscellaneous items that Buster places into the chest? To get that answer, we do a simple subtraction of the total amount of prize versus the total amount of cash.


Therefore, we see that the estimated value of the additional items amounts to $65. In the meantime, we also wanted to figure out the amount of money Buster would need in to make up the total amount of $100,000. So we deducted his existing prize value of $1000 from the total amount.


In doing so, we find that Buster would need another $99,000 above his total grand prize value to make up the advertised $100,000 reward. That’s a huge difference! Luckily for him, friendship means more to the contestants than money does, and this little musical ends on a happy note.

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