Setting goals: Be SMART

Hello. Now that the festivities and fireworks of the new year are done, here comes the scary question: What’s next?

It’s only 5 days into 2018, but if you dread seeing yourself being between the estimated 42%-92% that don’t meet their New Year’s resolutions, hang in there. Here’s what we were talking about previously, to help you get started.

Today, let’s take a look at a friend of a friend of mine. Let’s call her Fred. This year, she’s skipping conventional New Year goals while writing her list and starting small instead.


Fred would like to exercise more, but she realizes that writing ‘Exercise More’ every December 31 hasn’t helped her get off the couch much last year. The clearer you specify your goal, the easier it is to achieve. Fred writes down ‘Walk to work’.


Now that Fred wants to walk to work to be more physically active, she needs a target that she can measure. Fred changes it to ‘Walk 400 meters to and fro from work’.


Can this goal be achieved? Fred has walked the 400 meters to her workplace three times in the past six months, so historical experience says yes.


Here’s the tricky part. Fred asks herself some difficult questions, such as ‘Is this goal worthwhile? Is it useful towards my other goals and needs?’And that also involves making provisions for interruptions to her routine (like thunderstorms).

Based on her latest health test results, Fred does believe that it is, and she also has other plans to eat healthier, so again, that’s a yes.

Fred reaches for the eraser and the goal now reads ‘Walk 400 meters to and fro from to work three times a week’.


Now, this step is crucial to getting the goal off the ground as there is the danger of not getting started when you haven’t got a date to begin with. Fred decides to begin on January 8, when she starts work.

So now Fred has a SMART goal on her list:

Walk 400 meters to and fro from to work three times a week, starting January 8, 2018.

Certainly a far cry from ‘Exercise more’.

What are your #goals this year? Whatever you plan to achieve, remember to be #SMART.

Good luck!



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