See Beyond the Average on Your First Day Back!

Image credit: Pixar

Mike Wazowski on his first day at Monsters University. Image credit: Pixar

A new school year is almost here. And for some of us, new school years are as exciting as they are uncertain. A new year puts you in a new class, which is a new environment, and a new environment brings new people. Different things to learn, new goals to achieve, you never know how things might turn out. And that can be a lot to deal with.

Well, you’re not alone. Mike Wazowski knows how you feel. Before he joined Monsters Inc., Mike started out as a student in Monsters University where he had big dreams of being a great scarer.

Along the way, Mike meets James P. Sullivan and joins the Oozma Kappa fraternity. While they may seem like an average group and do not always see eye to eye, they eventually put their differences aside to achieve victory in the Scare Games. Which bring us to what we are looking at today.

Image: Pixar

A fraternity snapshot of Oozma Kappa. Image: Pixar

Let’s take a closer look at the Oozma Kappa fraternity! They see things differently, but ultimately, they’re OK. (Saw what I did there?) They have six members with varying number of eyes. Here’s a breakdown of the number of eyes each member has. (For simplicity, Terry & Terri are considered as one member.) In statistics, this is known as a frequency table.

Member Mike Wazowski James P. (Sulley) Sullivan Terry & Terri Perry (combined) Scott “Squishy” Squibbles Art Don Carlton
Number of eyes 1 2 2 5 2 2


In math, there are three types of averages which can be used to analyze statistical data – mode, median and mean.


The mean is the total number divided by the number of items there are. So the mean here can be calculated as follows. Add up the number of eyes each members have, and then divide it by six members.

Mean _Score_Oozma Kappa


In a set of numbers, the mode is the value that occurs the most frequently. Looking at the values in the set of numbers,  the value that occurs most frequently among the six values is 2.

Number Set


The median is the value in the middle of a set of numbers, so to find out, it helps to put the numbers in order.


Here is the formula to calculate the median in a frequency table, with n being the number of values in the set.

Median Formula

So with six members, it would look like this:


So the 3.5th value is the median. To get our answer, let’s look at the values in order again.

OK-SetThe value in 3.5th place is 2. So the median is 2.

Not just another average day

So seeing how a bunch of average monsters turned out, don’t let those first day jitters get you down! First days also have the potential to be the start of something new, be it friendships, ideas or even dreams! Who knows, your first day might just turn out to be better than OK. Good luck!

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