Practice makes perfect fun

The solution to Peppermint Patty's problem might be as easy as a banana split!

The solution to Peppermint Patty’s problem might be as easy as a watching a banana split!

Let’s face it, sometimes math can be challenging. Sometimes math can be scary. Sometimes math can be a major problem that we cannot seem to solve. However, there’s one thing that math isn’t, and that’s boring. Math is never boring. In fact, math is just as fun as play when learned the right way.

Technically, he isn't wrong... Image from comic

Technically, he isn’t wrong… Image from

You may not realise this, but math is everywhere. Your alarm clock rings to wake you up each morning because you set it to ring at a specific time. Those favourite pancakes made by mom are the result of carefully measured ingredients and the ideal cooking time. That ride to school by car is a fascinating journey of amount of miles versus the time it takes based on the distance from your home to the school. The cashier at your school cafeteria always calculates the precise change for your $2 note when you buy a lunch of a hot dog and a carton of milk at 50 cents each. Even a game of scissors, paper, and stone with your friends leads to a practise of probability.

Hobbes sure knows a lot about imaginary numbers...

Hobbes sure knows a lot about imaginary numbers…

Math provides us with an understanding of many things, including shapes and patterns and how to make the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies. Additionally, math is what gives us time, and space, and symmetry. In truth, math brings us together like a team of well rounded numbers.

He's got it all figured out!

He’s got it all figured out! Foxtrot comic strip via

So yes, despite how bad you may think you are at math, you’re actually doing a pretty good job applying it to everything that you do! Therefore, you should keep looking around for all the mathematical elements surrounding you, and see just how much fun you can have with numbers.

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