Placeholders & Scrum

We’re doing Scrum. It’s an agile method of shipping, or at least completing, ‘potentially-shippable’ products every two weeks. These mad 2-week cycles are called Sprints.

As a Designer one of the issues that emerged during the first Sprint was finishing art assets well within the sprint, while giving the Web Developer, Game Developer and Marketeer enough time to actually put these assets to use.

a finished art of a Mathling - Placeholders and Scrum

One of the ways we tried to solve this was to use place holder art. After the initial planning which took 2 days, I did some sketches and placeholders. Which let the developer start programming the game while I refine those art assets.

screenshot of a work-in-progress

Below is a spritesheet of the place holder art. And the goal is to keep the final sprite as close as possible, resulting in the least possible work for the developer.

spritesheet of placeholder art

Below is an example of the completed spritesheet, there were some changes like button states, we’ll put this into the next SPRINT.

a sprite sheet of completed art

This is a shot of a scene with the prototype art.

Prototype art of a cassette tape under a microscope

And here we have the same scene in its final form.

the finished artwork for the amber under a microscope

prototype art of mathlings examining space rocks





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