New Zapzapmath Features For The New School Year!



While children, parents, and teachers were on summer break in the US, we have been extremely busy preparing for the release of a new and improved Zap Zap Math. Brace yourselves as our updated Zap Zap Math ecosystem will unleash several changes for the greater benefit of students, teachers and parents, in the new school year.

Here are the new features you can expect:

  • More fun math topics – 160 topics mapped to cover students’ math curriculum for the entire school year
  • Better user interface – A new table of contents with a grade selector and slider enables easier navigation, enabling students to pick their desired grade and pace themselves
  • Simplified topic explanation
  • Curriculum matching for all games, tied to state standards

Now you may be asking, how exactly are we tying in our games to the math skills you care about? The table below clearly explains what you need to know:


Furthermore, beyond learning and memorizing formulas, Zapzapmath has a bigger mission: to help young learners’ develop higher-order thinking abilities. This means students would be able to analyze new sets of math challenges, solve problems using critical thinking skills, and do so in whole new wayswhich may be difficult to pick up in usual textbook-fed classroom settings.

Let’s Talk Positive Learning Addiction vs Coercion!

When we sought real feedback from one excited Zapzapmath user some time ago, Libby (a third grader from Fairmount Elementary School), we were pleasantly surprised to hear from her mom (a teacher) that Libby needed no reminders when it came to math practice. Watch the interview here. Talk about getting chills from loving what we do! 🙂

Our CEO and co-founder (himself a former math teacher in Singapore), John Ng, shares this observation from his teaching days: “I could see how students struggled with worksheets that were basically one dimensional. Irrespective of the difficulties they were facing, students had to complete them anyway. But with Zapzapmath, they get to go on a space odyssey of math challenges comprising animated and colorful characters, with different levels of difficulties.

“If they are stuck at one challenge, they can always go back, try again, and be rewarded with points! It’s self-paced to encourage independent learning addictionno coercion necessary.” 


Building Momentum For The New School Year

Long holiday breaks can be a distraction for many children, no doubt! It’s why many concerned parents opt to home-school their kids during the holidays (for a portion of each day), to keep their minds working, help them retain old subjects, and stay math-smart.

To help your kids get back in the game, mathematically, and speed up their comprehension of new topics during this transition period, Zapzapmath features more interactive and engaging math topics for children to play with.

As a result, major distractions aside: we’ve got your backs covered, parents and teachers!

In conclusion, we’re confident our latest release will help you get your kids ready for the new school year ahead! Download Zapzapmath here on iOS or Android (in both smartphone and tablet form).

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