Lego of Boring Math Concepts & Learn It Visually!

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They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. When it comes to math, we say why not both? With a little creativity, math can be fun! New York schoolteacher Alycia Zimmerman certainly understands this, as she uses LEGO® blocks to help her students grasp math concepts, like fractions. Since the blocks come in many different sizes, they are perfect for explaining fractions visually. Here’s a video which breaks down how to use these well-loved building blocks for learning math!

By utilizing this highly visual method of teaching math, kids will be able to use symbols, colors and even shapes to aid in their understanding of the logic behind a math formula. This is a wonderfully effective alternative to textbooks and worksheets, which can be rather mundane and even challenging, if one is not able to understand a math formula. Visual learning can really help to keep the boredom at bay, especially where math is concerned.

In that same vein, Zap Zap Math also engages similar visual techniques by using gameplay to teach fractions (among other math concepts). Check out some screenshots from the game below, which are taken from the “Fraction” section of the app. The app will level up based on your kid’s skills, so each session provides ample opportunities for practicing and understanding concepts. This also ensures you can monitor the game-play to gauge your kid’s understanding and help them along further, whenever necessary.


A Game of Fractions, by Zap Zap Math.

So who says math can’t be fun? There are so many ways to make math a fun learning experience for kids. If you’d like to help your kids improve their fractions in a cool and stress-free way, be sure to jump on-board the Visual Learning train today! Head on over to the Zap Zap Math website, click on the iOS or Android links to download, and start playing!

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