Hooray for Arrays!

Hooray for Arrays!

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

There are minions of reasons to love Despicable Me 3, from the fun and engaging banter between Gru and his twin brother, to the temper tantrums of his fellow companions. Yes, the minions are at it again, adorable to the core with little specks of bad!

How many minions does it take to bring stripes back into fashion?

How many minions does it take to bring stripes back into fashion? Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Now, we all know that Gru has many, many, MANY minions, but how many, to be exact? Well, Illumination Entertainment, the studio that created Despicable Me, confirmed that there are 10,400 minions during the time of Despicable Me 2. Since there’s no telling how many Gru would’ve created by now, let’s not get into that. Instead, let’s have a little multiplication fun with arrays!

An arrangement of objects, pictures, or numbers in columns and rows is called an array. By using arrays as a visual form of understanding multiplication concepts, you will soon be mastering the art of multiplications. Below is an example of an array:


Image Credit: Universal Pictures

As you can see, the row is horizontal, and the column is vertical. By using the array, we can figure out the amount of minions there are in the above through multiplication. First, we count the rows; there are 2 rows of minions. Then we count the column; there are 4 columns of minions. Next, we multiply those two numbers: 2 x 4 = 8. So the answer is that there are 8 minions in the array above!

Can you work out how many minions there are in the following array?

minions 2

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

First, count the rows and columns to determine your two factor numbers. Then multiply those two numbers to get the total. If you got an array of 4 x 7, then you’re correct, and the total would be 28! And because minions seem to multiply like crazy, here’s one last one before we leave the show:

minions 3

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

If you counted 7 rows and 9 columns, hooray! Now, just multiply 7 to 9, and you’ll have the total amount of crazy minions in the array above! Happy multiplying!

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