Greetings, Earthlings…

We are undergoing many positive changes. The Zap Zap Team is not only expanding in terms of Mathlings, but also in terms of the project scope. For the last few months, we have been busy working on a brand new math platform – Zap Zap Math. It is currently in its early stages, but rather than keeping it tightly under wraps, we want you to be part of our early preview. 200 of you will be chosen as testers so we can get your feedback. This feedback will ensure that our actual product will be something users want to use. Working closely with our community will not only help us make math fun, but also improve students’ results tremendously. So, to those who love adventures and are interested in helping us on our journey, please visit our pre-launch page and sign up!

Thank you so much!

The Zap Zap Math team -- still growing

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