Going Turbo for Ratios!

It's time to wreck some mathematical rubble!

It’s time to wreck some mathematical rubble! Image credit: comicbook.com

There are many forms of good guys, and bad guys. Wreck-It-Ralph is a heartwarming story about a video game character named Ralph. Ralph is a villain. Ralph has an everyday job. This job consists of him wrecking apartment windows in an arcade game called Fix-It Felix. Whenever he wrecks windows, a hero called Felix will appear to fix the windows and save the day.

However, Ralph has had enough of playing the bad guy. He’s lonely, he’s misunderstood, and his back is aching from sleeping on a pile of bricks. He wants to show the characters around him that he can actually be a good guy. To do so, he believes that he has to win a medal like Felix does. This determination of his to bring home a gold medal leads him on a spiral of an adventure, which ends with him learning that he is bad and that is good, because there is nobody else he would rather be than himself.

Even bad guys deserve a second chance! Image credit: IMDB

Even bad guys deserve a second chance! Image credit: IMDB

After watching this inspiring movie, we decided to have a little mathematical fun with it, and it includes learning about ratios. But first, what is a ratio? Ratio is a comparison of two things using numbers, and it is an easy way to show two different quantities. For instance, you can determine the ratio of 2 cherries to 4 hungry game characters. The first number is 2, and it is compared to 4. Therefore, the ratio is 2:4.

It is important to remember that when converting quantities to ratio, the first number in a ratio is always the first item stated to compare. So if you were to answer 4:2 instead of 2:4, it would be incorrect, unless the question states that it requires the ratio of hungry game characters to cherries.

Let's help Felix find out the damage that Ralph has caused!

Let’s help Felix find out the damage that Ralph has caused!

Now that we understand how ratios work, let the solving begin!

In the movie, Ralph breaks windows for a living. Felix wants to compare the number of untouched windows to the number of broken windows. There are 26 windows in total, and 15 of them are broken. What is the ratio of broken windows to unbroken windows?

First, we need to find out the difference.

Let's pummel that ratio together!

To do so, just subtract 15 from the total window amount of 26. This leaves us with 11 unbroken windows. So the ratio of broken windows to unbroken windows is 15:11.

What if we wanted to find out the ratio of unbroken windows to total windows? Yes, the answer would be 11:26! On the other hand, if we were to try to discover the ratio of total windows to broken windows, the answer would be 26:15.

Image credit: Youtube

Image credit: Youtube

And just like that, you’ve mastered the art of ratios!


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