Getting On-board Zapzapmath: Guide for Kids, Parents & Teachers

If you’re new to zapping away on our app, fret not. We’ve decided to develop a simple guide or “how to”, for the uninitiated. Please refer to this post if you are stumped at any point in playing Zapzapmath.

Step 1 : Downloading


First of all, head on to our website here to download a copy of the game. Our game is compatible with Android and iOS phones and tablets, so everyone can enjoy Zapzapmath!

Tips for Parents/Teachers: Help your kids to sign up if they’re too little, or you can sign up yourself for the Web Dashboard (details given on Step 4). You can keep an eye on their progress to see if their Math skills improve.

Step 2 : Getting Started


Upon reaching the landing page, you’ll be greeted by one of our cutest Zap Zap aliens. Check out some cool things you can do before you rush off with him on your mathematical journey.

On the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see Language Options. So far, we’ve got English, Spanish and Bahasa Malaysia available, so you can play in your preferred language.
Furthermore, player options are available on the bottom left of the screen. To add an existing profile, click on “Add New Players”. Then, you will be prompted to “Enter Zap Zap Code”. You’ll need to visit the dashboard to get your code. Entering the code enables you to pick up where you’ve left off in the game, so you don’t lose progress, or have to start from scratch.

If you’re all set, tap the start button and fasten your virtual seat belts, because it’s time to embark on a journey to a universe of fun!

Step 3: Exploring The Zap Zap Universe



And now you’re in! First up, you’ll be prompted to select a character icon from our many choices. Then, pick a name for yourself that you will use as an identity throughout the game.

Our games span a plethora of topics to suit your needs, so whatever you feel you need to improve on, check it out!

Here are some examples taken directly from the game. As you can see from the videos below, we have games for all levels of math skills.

For the younger ones, learning about shapes can be a great foundation to adapting to math.

If Ratios are a problem area, check out Burger Builder!

Muddled by multiplications? Don’t be.

The games of course, go beyond mere entertainment. Players will be able to explore the app while simultaneously improving their mathematical abilities. The game was created with an emphasis on four main skills : Training, Accuracy, Speed and Mission. You will get a preview of all four skills before you begin the game. Following this you “select” a subsystem, swipe around to pick a planet, and then you can start playing.

Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) are a requirement these days, and we’ve developed our games with this in mind. While we have tried to keep our games as multi-dimensional as possible, we also ensure that the games are fun and encourage creative and critical thinking.


Step 4: How Parents and Teachers Can Join The Fun


You can log on to see how your kid is doing in terms of playing the app, with the Teacher/Parent Web Dashboard. It allows you to track data and download reports for your knowledge, which is especially helpful for teachers who may have many students to keep tabs on. Think of it as a virtual assistant that records progress on your behalf, so you can be updated as much as needed.

Step 5: Seek Us Out

Finally, we love to hear from you and we love to keep in touch! If you want to check out what’s new with us, or even drop us a message, check us out on any of our social media pages!

So don’t miss out on the fun, and download a copy today! Go to our website to get the game, then go here to sign up for the Teacher/Parent Web Dashboard.

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