Gamification, G-A-M-I-F-I-C-A-T-I-O-N

Alright it’s Blogging time!

Our art lead said I would surely pick gaming as my topic for blogging on Zap Zap Math this time, so guess what? He is half right!
Today my thoughts on gaming is the Game that we can play in daily life: Gamification!
Wiki’s definition: turning a non-game application into a game.
Sceptical about Gamification? Read on!
Gamification, simply put, is turning boring stuff into awesome games that everyone can’t wait to try. Yeah, you can’t wait to give it a go.

Okay, so show me what Gamification is

There are many gamification events happening in life that’s fascinating to encounter. Here are the gamification experiences that I personally find to be great and fun to experience 😀

Piano Staircase
A normal staircase in Sweden was turned into a giant piano, making your every step musical. It also makes you want to climb up and down again to play the song in your mind, and hey, that has increased your fitness level!

Climbing the stairs has become fun with Gamification

Japan GameStation
They turned a urinal into a gaming interface. You need to aim at a target while you pee (only for men) and score by being accurate and you’ll be rewarded with an interesting animation. (The animation is how accurate you are = how strong the wind will blow the lady’s skirt…the Japanese are awesome at this.).

a urinal with Gamification - peeing has never been so fun

Turning your to do list into an RPG game and leveling up if you complete your task and habit right.

A to do list made fun with Gamification

Show me more examples of gamification!!
Here are some big boys using gamification as their marketing :

Turning a Coke vending machine into a secret mission that immediately turns a user into Secret Agent 007 once they buy a drink and they have 70 seconds to get their free tickets. All of a sudden the simple act of buying a drink becomes challenging and engaging!

Coca Cola vending machine with Gamification
(Full video here)

And recently
Reebok Korea
Turning a dull waiting environment, e.g., a train station, into a fitness challenge for two random strangers, and the winner gets a new pair of shoes!

Reebok Z Pump - Gamification in the subway
(Full video here)

In ZapZapMath, we are turning math into games that engage kids to play and learn while playing it.
Not only is the game fun to play and has quality content to learn, parents will receive statistic on how their kids perform in math while the kids are playing games. I think that is awesome!
As a Game Developer in ZapZapMath we are pushing our best to create great games for kids and parents.
Quite challenging to Get-It-Right but we are getting there! Keep it up!

Pink mathling feels gamification is awesome

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