The Emoji Movie: Factorial Fun in One

This is a story about how a meh turned upside down!

This is a story about how a meh turned upside down! Image via iMDB

The Emoji Movie is an emotive journey towards self discovery that translates itself well within the realm of modern hierographs. With its brightly depicted coming-of-age sequencing and silly poop humor to boot, the one thing that is clearly portrayed over and over again is the movie’s love for patterns. From layouts and phone displays, to getting stuck in Candy Crush, to sharing some smooth moves in Just Dance, to the coding and hacking skills of the awesome Jailbreak. And nothing spells mathematics more than pattern!

There's more to candy than meets the eye!

There’s more to candy than meets the eye!

Patterns are an integral part of coding and programming, which is what makes them such an important aspect of The Emoji Movie. With society growing more technologically advanced, almost all our daily activities are tied up with technology. By using coding, we can create endless possibilities in a virtual environment, building an expansive platform for creative play.

Jailbreak is our kind of princess!

Jailbreak is our kind of princess! Image via YouTube

One of the fundamentals to learning coding is mastering a math concept called factorial. The factorial, symbolized by an exclamation mark (!) is a quantity defined for all integers greater than or equals to 0. In mathematics, the factorial function means to multiply a series of descending natural numbers, and is most commonly used in combinations and permutations.

Say what????

Say what???? Image via YouTube

While this may all seem complicated to understand, it really isn’t. We’ll show you that with just a little song and dance, and a very simple pattern, you’ll be crushing factorials in no time!

To begin, let’s look at some clear examples of factorials.


The pattern is easily decoded as multiplying all the numbers below the factorial to get its value. Therefore, if you were to find the value of 7!, you would multiply 7 x 6 x 5… and so on.

With that sorted, it’s time to grab a calculator and calculate some factorials!

factorial 3

Though this is just the tip of the iceberg, it’s a fun pattern to keep practising with bigger numbers. It also starts off your journey towards understanding factorials, and the world beyond!

emoji movie hi 5

Give us a huge hi 5 for a job well done!



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