Education Technology Must-Haves for Geeky Teachers & Mamas

Hands up if you’re a digital savvy parent or teacher who never steps out of your house without your trusty iPad or Kindle! Fess up, there’s a big geeky kid in most of us—and nothing like the creative distraction of Instagram photo filters, Pinterest boards, word games, and once upon a time B.P. (Before Pokemon)—Sugar Crush—to get our daily fix.
Technology has changed our lives, but it is also radically changing the way kids learn. Kids today are growing up as digital natives, picking up the tablet at age 3 and tapping their way around the curious glimmering contraption with rapt attention and a disturbingly surprising ability to pick things up super fast on their own!
A good question to ask as a teacher/parent would be: How do you employ technology in your home or classroom to help them learn better? We’ve curated a list of education tech must-haves for today’s unashamedly geeky mama or teacher:

1. RACEYA: Cuztomizable, crashable cars that teach kids STEM!

Now here’s a cool recent find: Built by a lady founder Abigail Edgecliffe-Johnson and still in prototype phase (stay tuned!), RaceYa lets your kids race fully customizable fast cars, built using their own skills—to sustain high-speed crashes and still remain remarkably intact! The ingenious toy is a vehicle for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)—teaching kids about science, maths and engineering through play and discovery.



Take your kids out for an educational spin soon! Might we add, we’re active proponents of Raceya’s philosophy through our own math games, which are designed to bring out critical thinking, problem-solving life skills in kids:



2. SWIVL – Your classroom observational video & extra pair of eyes!

Ever wanted an observational (yet unobstrusive) tool that could keep an eye out on multiple students so you can understand the dynamics of how groups work—even when you’re not looking? It could capture the “eureka!” moments, or record learning struggles—while you give encouragement and feedback, without interfering in the learning process the whole time. As teachers, we could all use a few extra pairs of eyes in the classroom!

The Swivl Expand Lens was specifically designed for the front-facing camera of an iPad to double the camera view for video capture. It expands both your horizontal and vertical view, so teachers can view what the students are working on, in groups or even individually.

It’s like your very own classroom/home robot assistant, great for capturing and safely sharing educational videos on the cloud; observing, assessing and tracking learning progress; plus teaching ‘skill development’ using active feedback.


3. ZAP ZAP MATH – Your Teacher/Parent Math Reporting Dashboard

Every experienced teacher knows: if you could put 20 cents aside for every moment you spent marking papers, grading kids and doing paperwork—you’d be a millionaire by now! And that’s why at Zap Zap Math, we purposely built a Teacher/Parent Reporting Dashboard to help you keep track of kids’ math progress while they play hundreds of free K-6 math games independently (and you check in remotely, anywhere, anytime!).


Via the reports, you can know which areas your kids need extra attention in—and zero in on their weak points! Students can stay ahead in every mathematical problem-solving sense of the word, while having loads of fun.

4. INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS – Part Multimedia Display, Touchscreen & Computer Monitor


Imagine having a part multimedia display, part touch-screen, and part computer monitor all in one whiteboard. K-6 instructors highly favour these interactive whiteboards as they allow web- and PC-based content (which is, MOST content we view these days) to be seen by all students in class.

The touchscreen functionality further lets teachers and students interact instantly with the content. Popular providers of whiteboard manufacturers in the U.S. include Advanced Education, Dell, eInstruction, Hitachi , Mimio , PolyVision , Promethean , and SMART Technologies.


Got any more tech must-haves that you think we’ve missed out on? Share them with us in the comment box below!

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