Education & Computer Games

When we think about education and computer games – these two domains seem to be like oil and water and are never able to mix together. I guess it’s because most people believe that learning requires discipline, and computer games are just for entertainment. So, by common sense, to be disciplined in learning and being able to play at the same time is a contradiction. We would normally assume that young children learn through playing, but as they grow older, the element of play slowly dissipates when the information they need to learn gets more complex.

Zap Zap Math. Making learning math fun & easy for kids through games

However, from the data Visual Math Interactive collected and from our own observations, we are confident that games and education can actually work well together. To quickly explain this, first we have to agree that in order to be good in a game, it actually requires discipline. The player will have to learn the rules of the game, think and internalize the concept of the game (that is, to make it into a natural thought process) in order to achieve mastery. These are very much the same processes for learning math. The learner needs to learn the rules, think, and understand the underlying logic. To master it, the learner has to continually practice and correct themselves until the math concept is internalized.

Now, the main challenge is to put these two domains together and have them play nice with one another, but it’s too much to talk about now and it’s best to leave this for the next time. Till then, have a great day!

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