Smart Curriculum Planning for Elementary to Middle School Teachers


As a teacher, one of the main annually-recurring challenges of your career is: how do you plan out your lesson units for the school year ahead? Most teachers in the US are given the autonomy to plan their own curriculum as long as they follow Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and find units that teach these standards.

In most school districts, the framework is laid out for teachers, then they are given the flexibility and creativity to work around that, design their own lessons and source their content. Teachers from private schools enjoy some level of free reign over their lesson plans too, which is great news for some—but can be intimidating for those who are still green around the edges!

According to an experienced middle school teacher from Ontario, Canada…

In her blog affectionately titled 2 Peas and a Dog, teacher-blogger Kristy shares how she tackles curriculum planning. She reports implementing the ‘backwards design model’—that is, “purposely planning out the final assessment [ahead] so that she knows her unit plan will teach the skills for students to successfully complete the assignment.”

Kristy recommends: “looking at the curriculum standards provided to teachers by the government and then deciding what is the most engaging way to help students learn.”

Whichever method you use for curriculum planning, we’ve aligned Zap Zap Math to meet teachers’ current needs.

We’ve just released a whole new and improved flotilla of super-engaging K-6 math games(hundreds in total now) with curriculum matching for all games, that are tied to Common Core State Standards and the math skills your students require practice in.

Check out the table below (or our Zap Zap Math teacher’s page) to see how you can tie up our comprehensive math games to your lesson plans, easily, and then on top of that—track your students’ individual progress by accessing your own Teacher Dashboard for reports on actual learning outcomes.

We’re partnered with teachers around the world to build this gamified learning and tracking ecosystem that’s now piloted in schools and classrooms across the world. Here’s what teachers have to say about our unique learning platform so far:

If you’re thinking of integrating brain-boosting educational games which emphasizes logic and higher order (critical) thinking skills in your curriculum planning this year, we encourage you to give Zap Zap Math a go—as from our polls, most teachers have come back to us with super positive results so far! Share with us your inputs and suggestions.

Like you, we’re teachers ourselves—and listening is our biggest asset!

Teachers, we’re curious to know how you map out your curriculum plans, yearly. What have you learnt that other teachers just must know? Tell us in the comment section below!

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