The color notation of fall

Autumn LeavesFall is the time when the leaves on the trees change their appearance, transforming the forest into a cornucopia of colors. At Zapzapmath, we like to think that life should be as colorful as our Mathlings (how many do you have in your spaceship?), and fall is the time when nature echoes our sentiment beautifully. And we also like to see the numbers in everything around us, and that happens to be falling leaves. Earlier this week, we talked about the number of leaves we could estimate on a tree. Today, the question we’re asking is, can fall colors be represented numerically?

When we say fall colors, this was not what we meant. Credit: XCD Comics/ gjg

Enjoying fall colors, the way nature intended. Or not. Credit: XKCD Comics/ Randall Munroe

Color notation: a color’s value

Color can be written numerically in different ways, but it is commonly represented in RGB (red, green, blue) color notation or in hex color notation. It is based on the RGB color model which uses red, blue and green light to form different colors. This model is commonly used in describing the display of colors electronically, such as on color TV sets, image scanners, digital cameras and cell phones. The diagram below explains the different between the two notations.



Expressing colors in numbers

The season of fall brings with it many different colors, so for simplicity, we chose a few colors that can be seen during fall to see how they are represented in RGB notation and hex notation. These notations are used in areas such as web design to show how colors are displayed on a web browser.

It makes us think of pumpkins, changing leaves and Mathlings.

It makes us think of pumpkins, changing leaves and Mathlings.

So that’s how our selection of fall colors looks like in RGB and hex color notation! What are your favorite fall colors and how do they look like in color notation?

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