Engaging Students in Math, Even When the Teacher Isn’t Looking.

We recently interviewed Cindy Bess, a first grade teacher at Webber Elementary School in Westminster, California. She is always on the look out for apps that will not only supplement her curriculum, but are intuitive enough for students to play independently. Cindy has been using Zap Zap Math since the beginning of this year and continues to use it because her […]

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HOT Question: Are Kids Taught Higher Order Thinking At School?

We’ve examined how education has evolved in several posts, with technology becoming an integral asset to the industry at this point in time. Along the way, the approach to learning has expanded to include more than merely knowing a concept. Bloom’s Taxonomy focuses on this as well but also includes additional skills which are understood […]

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Version 2 of Zapzapmath is Out Now!

We’re very pleased to announce a new frontier in our math app journey, with the launch of Zapzapmath Version 2! Since our initial launch in 2015, we’ve gathered lots of feedback from our pioneer users and sought to improve the app to facilitate your various needs, both as learners and educators respectively. We are very […]

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Six Cool Brain Boosting Activities For Your Kids!

“For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” These are the words famously uttered by the original super nanny, Mary Poppins, in the 1964 film of the same name, as she teaches the two kids she is caring for the importance of cleaning up their room through song and repetition. […]

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Team Zapzapmath’s Resolutions & Hopes for 2016!

Team Zap Zap is raring to go for 2016, and we’ve taken some time to think about what we hope to achieve this year. Below you’ll see the interesting things Team Zap Zap had to say when asked what about resolutions are for the year, whether personally or professionally. Zap Zap Math’s founder Wei Chong, […]

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