Bearing the journey to London

What happens when a young Peruvian bear finds himself alone on at Paddington train station in central London?

In short, many things. But that got the gears in our heads turning here at Zapzapmath. Barring the fact that no record exists of any bear sailing the North Atlantic Ocean (yet), and that it takes a plan ride or two for the rest of us to get to London, how fast can a bear get itself to London?

9777 kilometers lie between Peru and the city of London. A bear can run over 15 meters a second.

15 meters is 0.015 kilometers, so lets divide the values to find out the bear’s speed in seconds.

And that works out to 651 800 seconds. Divide it by 60 to get the value in minutes (10 863.33 minutes), and again to convert it into hours (181.05 hours). Finally, divide it by 24 hours to get the speed in days (7.54 days)

And that translates to over a week forĀ  bear to run the distance between Peru and London. Fortunately, Paddington had other forms of transportation to get to his destination. For me, I’ll certainly think twice before complaining about a long flight!


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