Back to the School Year: Teachers at the Ready!

Seems familiar? We hope not. Credit: Clay Bennett/ Chattanooga Times Free Press

Seems familiar? We hope not. Credit: Clay Bennett/ Chattanooga Times Free Press

Greetings, teachers! August is here, which means it’s time for going back to school, panicking and mourning the end of summer. (Okay, maybe just miss it a little.) School is under a month away and it pays to know where to find ways to make the end of summer a little less stressful.  (You’re here. Good choice.) Before you go on your quest through the internet in search of a cure for summer slide ideas to get your classroom looking awesome for Day 1, here are some back to school ideas dedicated to the person behind that awesomeness – you.

An apple a day

No, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t get in touch with that charming doctor you met last week. Nor are we suggesting that your students shouldn’t bring you any. We’re saying that the best laid back-to-school plans often go awry when the teacher isn’t physically well. With the rush to get everything done, don’t let self-care take the back seat.

Take out a pencil and paper

Now that you’re well taken care of, let the magic begin! We all know the horror of finishing a ton of stuff on a tight deadline, so grab some paper and a pen and write down everything you need to get done. Once you’ve emptied out every task that you have on your mind, go over your list again and then prioritize. Writing your tasks down before deciding on each one’s order of precedence frees up your mind and puts everything you need to do into the perspective. Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. So whether you want to start on your big ideas for the bulletin board in your preschool classroom or simply need to buy cat food, write ‘em down, and then decide which to do first.

Lazy Person

Be lazy (in a good way)

Take a look at your setup. Are there any areas where you can spend a little less time on? If there are any teacher lifestyle hacks that work for you, give them a try! Decide on a seating arrangement for your classroom in advance or download templates to get to know your students better. Anything that saves you time, energy or improves your efficiency is your friend. Or an acquaintance that deserves a chance. Your energy is a precious resource, best spent on doing what you do best. On your marks, get set, TEACH!

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