Summer’s over, mom and dad!

This may look familiar.

This may look familiar. Credit: Calvin and Hobbes/ Bill Watterson

If you’re loving summer as much as we are, you and your kids aren’t likely to be jumping for joy at the prospect of a new school year. With less than a month before we’re going back to school, there’s no reason why you and your kids can’t be back-to-school cool! School readiness isn’t just for kids, so here are a few ways you can make the rest of the summer work for you before the school run begins!

Take baby steps

Whoever said that change doesn’t happen overnight wasn’t kidding. Transitioning from days when you can sleep in a more flexible summer schedule to your morning routine is a battle. (If you have claw marks on your bedside table where your phone/ alarm clock is, you know what we mean.) But it doesn’t have to be as daunting when you establish that it’s not necessary to master an entire bag of tip and tricks to get your kids ready for school.

Harness the power of incremental changes. Take the first step by going to bed and starting your day as little as 10 minutes earlier and gradually work your way up to your usual schedule. This helps you get the time and peace of mind to start your day right. Which brings us to our next point…

Eat well

Dear Mom and Dad, here comes the hard truth. Your Mom and Dad were right. You are what you eat, so it’s time to eat your greens and go easy on the snacks, if you haven’t already. And breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you stay alert for longer and getting out of bed becomes a teensy bit easier. While you’re busy with back to school shopping and everything else that needs to be done, make sure your checklist includes eating healthy grub. Oh, and did we mention that everything we just said applies to your kids too?

A lean, mean morning routine

We get it, morning routines can be a frenzy, if not a misnomer. In a perfect world, morning routines are a breeze as kids jump out of bed and do everything they need to be ready for school, but that’s easier said than done when you’re hurriedly thinking about where to find something that you need. Is there anything that you do that doesn’t need as much time? Chances are, there might be a few. Picking your outfit the night before saves you time, the hassle of figuring out what to wear and decreases the probability of mismatched socks. If your kids enjoy pancakes, make some over the weekend and freeze it for later.

Mental energy is a finite resource that you’ve just made an effort to regenerate through your nocturnal travels to lie in Hypnos’s embrace. Save it for the times when you need to be awesome. Such as now.

Don’t forget your star players!

All the world’s a stage and parents in their lifetime play many parts. As stage fright is a constant challenge for even the most seasoned actor, remember that change of any kind can be disconcerting to anyone, especially children. And in times of change, it’s important to be able to find someone to talk to. Keep the lines of communication open with your kids and encourage then to open up about anything that’s troubling them.

As you give them a listening ear, be mindful of your own anxieties as well. If you’re anxious, your kids will be too, so make time for self-care as well. Being at your best helps your kids do the same, and you’ll be better prepared as a family for another year of learning and growing.


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