Tips for Teachers: Integrating Technology In The Classroom

Terrific teachers are given due tribute in May, thanks to Teacher’s Day, and we definitely agree that so many teachers go above and beyond to serve, and should be celebrated for their hard-work and dedication. The role of teachers these days has evolved just as everything else has, and they have to find new ways […]

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Summer Slide No More: Fun Ways To Keep Learning Going

School’s out for summer, but unlike the classic song, it’s not out forever! So how can parents ensure there’s no summer slump, when the kids are away from school? We’re here to help you keep the learning at a steady yet fun momentum, so that come fall, the kids will be prepared to take on […]

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How To Never DiSSS Your Abilities: Tim Ferriss on the Secret To Learning Any Skill!

Tim Ferriss is a name that will be familiar to those interested in the self-help genre. He’s not yet forty but already wears many hats as a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author and life coach. Another thing he’s known for is the DiSSS method of learning, which is meant to be a model by which one […]

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HOT Question: Are Kids Taught Higher Order Thinking At School?

We’ve examined how education has evolved in several posts, with technology becoming an integral asset to the industry at this point in time. Along the way, the approach to learning has expanded to include more than merely knowing a concept. Bloom’s Taxonomy focuses on this as well but also includes additional skills which are understood […]

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Version 2 of Zapzapmath is Out Now!

We’re very pleased to announce a new frontier in our math app journey, with the launch of Zapzapmath Version 2! Since our initial launch in 2015, we’ve gathered lots of feedback from our pioneer users and sought to improve the app to facilitate your various needs, both as learners and educators respectively. We are very […]

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