Parents/Teachers Guide: Accessing The Web Dashboard

As we’ve detailed previously in our Beginner’s Guide, Zap Zap Math has taken our learning ecosystem to the next level by introducing the Web Dashboard. This has been created to aid parents and teachers, by helping them to keep an eye on their kids/students math progress. If you have already introduced your kids to Zap Zap […]

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Young Libby Plays Zapzapmath And Tells Us What She Thinks!

Kids are our number one product testers and expert advisers in our mission to build effective math games for young learners from ages K to primary 6. Their ideas, behaviors and feedback fully inform our product’s technology development! And it’s why we’re constantly talking to students in our community to see how they are responding to Zapzapmath, and […]

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Getting On-board Zapzapmath: Guide for Kids, Parents & Teachers

If you’re new to zapping away on our app, fret not. We’ve decided to develop a simple guide or “how to”, for the uninitiated. Please refer to this post if you are stumped at any point in playing Zapzapmath. Step 1 : Downloading First of all, head on to our website here to download a […]

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Teachers, Get Kids To Tap, Tap Away The Summer On Zapzapmath!

It’s summer vacation, and hey, even teachers deserve a break for all their hard work! Still, we all know that learning must be continuous for it to be effective, and that’s why we want to make sure teachers can still encourage students to learn over summer, so that when school resumes in the fall, everyone […]

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Engaging Students in Math, Even When the Teacher Isn’t Looking.

We recently interviewed Cindy Bess, a first grade teacher at Webber Elementary School in Westminster, California. She is always on the look out for apps that will not only supplement her curriculum, but are intuitive enough for students to play independently. Cindy has been using Zap Zap Math since the beginning of this year and continues to use it because her […]

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