From Singapore Math Teacher to Global Educational Game Platform Founder

Of late, Zap Zap Math has been galvanizing forces to complete big improvements for its newest gamified math platform version release. This was timed to be ready at the start of the new school year in the United States. We managed to hijack some time from CEO, John Ng’s crazy schedule to delve into the […]

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New Zapzapmath Features For The New School Year!

  While children, parents, and teachers were on summer break in the US, we have been extremely busy preparing for the release of a new and improved Zap Zap Math. Brace yourselves as our updated Zap Zap Math ecosystem will unleash several changes for the greater benefit of students, teachers and parents, in the new school […]

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Maximizing Mobile Learning For Homeschoolers

Once again, we are pleased to have another fantastic guest post, by TeachingJB. Here are her thoughts on how mobile learning is an asset to homeschoolers. Maximizing Mobile Learning For Homeschoolers   The number of homeschooled children is increasing. In the US, around 2.3 million students are homeschooled based on a study published earlier this […]

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Alternative Math Improvement Methods You May Have Never Heard Of!

(Image Credit:  Here at Zap Zap Math, we are always on the lookout for cool ways to introduce math in a fun and stress-free way. There are many ways to improve math skills, and these don’t always involve books or equations, making them perfect to introduce to kids who may be finding the topic […]

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Tackle Math Anxiety with Smart Parenting: Less Is More!

(Image Credit : Math Anxiety is the big bad wolf for any parent who needs to help their child understand that math is important. It’s scarier when you also have math anxiety, but you need to make sure your child doesn’t go down a similar path. In helping children get through the challenges of […]

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