Education Technology Must-Haves for Geeky Teachers & Mamas

Hands up if you’re a digital savvy parent or teacher who never steps out of your house without your trusty iPad or Kindle! Fess up, there’s a big geeky kid in most of us—and nothing like the creative distraction of Instagram photo filters, Pinterest boards, word games, and once upon a time B.P. (Before Pokemon)—Sugar […]

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Teamwork: Why Parents and Teachers Need to Work Together to Help Students Excel

The greatest success stories, are the result of great teamwork, communication skills, and collaborative efforts. No surprise that this even applies to learning. Teachers and parents simply must work together to ensure that the kids get the best of both worlds, at home and in school. Here are some ways to solidify that relationship, for […]

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Smart Curriculum Planning for Elementary to Middle School Teachers

    As a teacher, one of the main annually-recurring challenges of your career is: how do you plan out your lesson units for the school year ahead? Most teachers in the US are given the autonomy to plan their own curriculum as long as they follow Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and find units […]

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Awesome Back To School Resources for Elementary Teachers

Besides parents and students, teachers also have to prepare themselves for a new school year. With a new school year comes new lessons, and the need to find new ways to engage students. So elementary school teachers, here are a few awesome back-to-school tips and resources we found, just for you! Checklists The great thing […]

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Teacher’s Guide: Better Classroom Management For The New School Year

It’s back-to-school flurry again for teachers everywhere; procuring supplies, decorating class settings, mapping out lesson plans, the to-do list never ends! Most teachers take extra care to prep way ahead in order to foster a healthy learning space for students’ curious and active minds. Here are some great ideas to get your students all geared […]

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