Higher Order Thinking Skills: the way to go! – by Teoh Poh Yew

Parents and teachers today across a variety of educational settings are talking about helping their kids develop Higher Order Thinking Skills. Here’s a closer look at what these skills are all about. The concept of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) was established by Dr. Benjamin Bloom and his team in 1956 pertaining to the learning […]

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Problem-solving, the way to math excellence for kids – by Jayne Clare

  Young children are innately problem solvers – that is how they learn. Problem-solving is an essential way of learning because it motivates children to connect prior knowledge with new circumstances and to develop and utilize creativity in the process. Therefore, it is paramount that we keep this natural curiosity going when children enter school. […]

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Internship @ Visual Math Interactive

Every college or university student must go through their internship program in order to graduate. As for me, I am majoring in game design but I am leaning more towards the art side of things instead of programming and development. In the end, I chose Visual Math Interactive for my internship and here’s why: The […]

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