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If you’re a parent and you’re looking for an app that will encourage your kids to acquire some educational skills while on their electronic devices, you’ve landed on the right page. Beyond a beautifully visual and interactive math game app, Zap Zap Math is designed as a platform that you will be able to play an active and fun role in! So if your kids are going to get hooked on anything at all, how about Zap Zap Math? Some key highlights (and music to parents’ ears!) listed below:

Visual Interactive Games

  • 90% of all we learn and absorb is visual! Visual learning is a wonderful method for kids to grasp new concepts, and it has been proven that it also speeds up the learning process. Zap Zap Math is highly visual in nature, and will definitely engage the senses of your kids. Captivating alien world designs, spaceships and colourfully quirky in-game characters will certainly add to the enjoyment.

‘Gamified’ Learning

  • Children learn powerfully through nature and play, just as little cubs build their strongest motor skills through lots of necessary roughhousing! It’s a necessary building block of learning, however to a child, it is often incidental to ‘play’ itself. For instance, children do not pick up a Rubik’s cube for educational purposes, they’re playing as they incidentally learn. Having gameplay as a main element of Zap Zap Math motivates learning. Gamification has many benefits where learning is concerned, but perhaps the most encouraging one is that kids will of course naturally feel responsive towards a game when they achieve better scores, access new levels and gain rewards—and while they may not notice it at first, will be subtly improving their mathematical skills through repeated plays.

Undiluted Education-Rich Game Content (For FREE!)

  • Something we’re passionate about at Zap Zap Math is making learning accessible to everyone – without limitations. While many other educational apps are advertised as games, learning content is often limited or diluted, and usually requires in-app purchases to progress further. Here at Zap Zap Math, we want to ensure your kids are able to enter a whole universe of learning – complete with structured high quality math practice lessons, at no cost.

Get The HOTs (Higher Order Thinking Skills)

  • As learning methods evolve, students are expected to go beyond just knowing a calculation formula, for example. Zap Zap Math is developed to encourage kids to critically analyse math problems, and develop their higher order thinking skills. This perspective helps to prepare kids for real life application of math, so they understand that the subject does not stop at school and contributes to almost every practical sphere of life in their future careers. The latest US box office release The Martian is one powerful illustration of how genius math skills helped hero astronaut Mark Watney survive Mars! Have you watched it with your kids yet?

Assurance That It’s Quality Screen Time

  • While the multitude of apps being accessed by kids can often be disconcerting, you can be rest assured that with Zap Zap Math, your kids will be treated to an enriching experience on their screens as they develop their math skills.

NOW LIVE!: Progress Tracking Ability

  • Zap Zap Math promises a highly interactive platform, where parents and kids can use the app concurrently. You’ll be able to track progress of your kid via downloadable analytics and online “report cards”, where you’ll be able to discern which area requires improvement. Kids on the other hand will be able to fix specific weaknesses in need of improvement and know which levels need more attention.

BONUS!: Founded By A Former Teacher

  • Zap Zap Math was conceived by Ng Wei Chong, an experienced teacher who taught math in classrooms in Singapore and Malaysia. His experiences as a teacher led him to consider a different take on learning and teaching math, enhanced by technology, and he is extremely passionate about reinforcing the idea that math can indeed be fun. As such, Zap Zap Math really is a labor of love for him, and one that he hopes will eventually benefit kids everywhere.

So there you go, moms and dads! What else would you like to see on Zap Zap Math to make it better? Do share and download it now for your device.

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